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    I honestly don’t know.

    I can say that I have mixed feelings about the relationship they had now. I didn’t feel that way until the discussion about when she actually met him. For me, this means a lot–as I had early on tried to piece some things together.

    And if they really did meet in Jan 82 and was off and on, not only didn’t they have enough time with each other (I would think) to call it “deeply in love”, according to princevault site, the Hookers/V6 band was assembled by Prince from the summer of 1981 to January 1982. How’d they do that? Nasty Girl was recorded March 82. Denise is creative, but do you think she would have already had lyrics in that short time span for Nasty Girl when she had never been in the music field? Talking fast!

    How the heck she had time to not like him at first, thought he was gay when she met him in his drunken stupor, and then she suddenly falls in love, he sees her in her underwear and wanted her to front the group, then he tells her if she loves him she will move out there with him… Love? In a matter of days?

    If V6 was indeed assembled by January 82 (as princevault states), this means just days after meeting him she moved from NY (or wherever she was living) to an entirely different state to be with a man she just met with no plans set as to where she’s going to be living, etc… This sounds crazy.

    So little time to be off and on, arguing and fighting, getting back together, being jealous of each other, have sex, and make music all day.

    The song “How Come U Don’t Call Me” initial tracking was in April 1982. I actually thought the song was about Denise. It can’t be about her when she had just moved out there with him. Where would she even be living and how would she be making it? If the song is about her, then that means that just 4 months after moving out there they weren’t talking. I don’t think they lived together being he was still with Susan at the time. It’s truly sad to think that this is how everything went—so fast.

    I’m happy Denise changed her life but she must have been really troubled to deal with the mess Prince threw at her.

    I apologize. I typed all that before even answering your question. I just had this on my mind off and on and had to get that out because I hadn’t discussed it as I’d like to.

    As for your question… I think she probably felt if she accepted any money from him it would be like accepting money from Hollywood, so to speak. I’m sure she understood how he earned his royalties. She stopped receiving money from her Vanity days, so I am not surprised if she felt the same regarding Prince giving her money. She probably told him she didn’t want his money.

    I can see them arguing even in those later years, even after she became Christian, and going without talking to each other for a while.

    I also think Prince must’ve felt like there was no closure between them after she died, and that they probably were in some sort of not-talking mode and didn’t get the chance to say sorry. I bet he felt a LOT of guilt.

    Imagine him with all that money and the one woman he supposedly loved so deeply needed help with those medical bills and then he later hear she died when he could have put whatever differences to the side and anonymously helped her. If he really wanted to help, I’m sure he could have done so without her even knowing.

    One thing I want to add is about this “used to love one another”… Either he loved her or he didn’t. Love doesn’t go away. He probably was no longer “in love” with her, but I don’t see love as something that goes away. Love means look out for a loved one if you can do so. The only way I see an excuse on him not helping is IF he wasn’t aware of how bad she was doing. She probably didn’t go any further than trying to sell her things from social media. Smh