Reply To: Clown/Dolls Denise's Room and Prince's PR Room

    princesscarmilla wrote:

    I think they’re called harlequins…clowns are terrifying…I thought I was going to die in shock upon opening the page (I have a clown phobia) but I love harlequins… I didn’t know that Denise liked them…Prince probably learned a lot from Denise…she LOVED going to antique shops and buying clothes!

    Afraid of them? Oh my. My daughter was just talking about her not liking clowns, yet she wants me to go and see the movie It with her this weekend. I think there were a lot of things that he copied or that Denise inspired him to do. If I remember correctly, Denise said her favorite color was lavender and then she found out Prince’s favorite color was purple. I don’t know if she had told him about her liking purple before she found out about him, but some things I’ve come to find that Denise did before him and he seemed to have followed after her.

    hmm…I thought so:) Recently though, Tyka claimed that Prince’s favourite colour was orange. Thinking back to the many different eras he’s had…he hasn’t worn it too often…I think he ended up choosing purple because it’s a very regal shade. And because Denise loved a shade similar to it:)