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    luvgirl wrote:

    “Prince said she was connected with her spirit in 96 when he voluntarily stated why what everyone thought was going to happen didn’t happen–the marriage between him and Denise.” I like this comment, and great point on a valid reason why they might not have gotten back together. Nothing to do with Prince… but Denise’s relationship with God…

    Yes. I believe this. It’s really sad in a way that they never got that chance to get married. I really do think he wanted to marry her back then as well–when he composed the lyrics to The Beautiful Ones. The mention of marriage wasn’t even part of the film but he still added it in the song to her.

    Yeah I definitely concur with you:) Denise was one of the most loving women that Prince ever came across. What about…”Mary, Clair Denise and Belle Circle of Amour” I also read that “Delirious” was about her:)

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