Reply To: Prince And Mayte


    During Lovesexy, when he was talking about having no one but himself if everyone left him … I believe he knew he really was a complicated man in others eyes and that his extreme devotion to music and the late night gigs and partying would inevitably run some of these people off. At least those that wanted a serious relationship with him. So he had so many to replace one with another for what he deep down felt would eventually happen–them leaving him. He definitely had serious issues with abandonment. And I believe he was a depressed person since when he was a kid. I also think he had some insecurities going. Just my opinion. Shame though. He seemed like a sweet guy but had habits that was too hard to break. It’s like he was fighting with himself. IDK.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! Even Prince would agree…in many of his songs he sings of being alone and abandoned…being rich and famous never helped him for it made people, to paraphrase what he said in an interview, nice to his face but cruel to him once his back was turned! Alas there are alot of people who are never themselves but always feign to be something they think might make others like them…