Reply To: Prince And Mayte


    I think he lied when he said he didn’t let what people say get to him. I think he lied when he said he always wore heels cause the women liked it. I think he hated (not the musical/genius part of him) the type of person he was. He really did see himself different from the rest. The part I could never get around really is the part of him that would constantly do things that WOULD LIKELY run people off! Those that really cared about him, like Andre, Jill, Susan, Denise, Sheila, and some others that knew him before the Purple Rain fame. He did shady stuff and treated them more horribly than good. The Time… Dez… I’m sure he probably wasn’t trying to mess over people intentionally, like waking up one morning and saying “who am I going to piss off today. He just had old habits the was more than hard to die. And speaking of dying, he have too many songs where he either wanted to die or felt like he was already dead because someone hurt him, yet he had a habit, it seems, of saying that nothing people say gets to him and it usually say something about that person instead. The man was just too secretive to admit the deep, personal truth about his ways. Either way, regardless of the bad, he most definitely made up for it by helping the less fortunate and giving to the needy, and helping new artist be known. Can’t leave out his genius and commitment to music, and when he loved, he loved hard.

    I think Prince was secretive and untrustworthy because of his great fame and wealth…he found his disappointments in relationships to be too many. He had always been weird and misunderstood resulting in his not fitting in well with others… His talent and intelligence probably alienated a lot of people. I don’t think he ever really found someone to understand him well enough and if he did he probably fled from them from fear of being finally accepted and loved to his full potential…it wasn’t until he got older that he realized his mistakes. I don’t think Prince was a bad person he was just difficult to get along with.