Reply To: 3121 – 2006


    Album: 3121

    Title: Fury

    Source: Metro Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    You must have heard it on the news this morning
    Congratulations, a new star is born
    Sun to shadow, rose to a thorn
    There ain’t no fury like a woman scorned

    Y’all must have dug it, when you did ya thing
    It’s like a song, everybody wanna sang
    When the music’s over, you’re ears will ring
    With a voice that’s saying, “Queen got no King!”

    He got a message saying, you tried to reach him on the phone
    He didn’t wanna answer ’cause he’s so afraid
    You’d probably tell him just to leave you alone

    You must have heard he got another band
    They’re makin’ $, they’re makin’ plans
    You feel left out, but you need to understand
    Word on the street, he’s still you’re man

    Look out, here comes you’re rainy day
    Now you think you got a good reason to say
    Everything that’s in you’re heart, come what may,
    Even though his might get broken

    Who’s the guilty one when there ain’t no judge or jury?
    Shadow to the sun, next to the one
    Hell ain’t got no fury

    Will this song have a happy ending?
    Will his heart need a-mending?
    What’s the name? Only she knows
    Only the woman knows, only she knows

    To sides to every story
    One man’s gloom, another man’s glory
    Sun to a shadow, rose to the thorn
    Ain’t no fury like a woman scorned
    Ain’t no fury like a woman scorned
    No fury like a woman scorned