Reply To: Musicology 2004


    Album: Musicology

    Title: The Marrying Kind

    Source: Metro  Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    If you leave her now
    You ain’t never gonna see her again
    She’s gonna need a shoulder to cry on
    She’s gonna need a friend
    She’s gonna need a pillow case
    Something to put those tears on
    And I’ve got some purple satin laces
    One second later than the second you’re gone

    She’s gonna miss you at first
    But then she’s gonna buy me things
    That’s when I’m gonna lay her
    Across my piano stool and sing to her

    “Honey, I tried to tell him
    That you were the marrying kind
    A faithful one-man woman
    Best he would ever find
    I guess he wasn’t trying to hear that
    So there ain’t nothing left to say
    I tried to tell him that if you run to me
    I won’t run away.”

    If you leave her now
    You’ll never get another glimpse
    I’m gonna lace her
    With enough ice to recap the pole
    There might be another solar eclipse
    She’s gonna find out
    What I like in my eggs,
    My bathwater
    And how a brother likes to be touched
    I am gonna put her on
    The same diet Missy went on
    You know she eats to much tonight

    She’s gonna miss you at first
    Then she’ll get used to me
    All of the tricks I would try
    To make her take this ring
    And make love to me