Reply To: Musicology 2004


    Album: Musicology

    Title: Life ‘O’ The Party

    Source: Metro Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    This is the life o’ the party
    We gonna do it right

    So you’re havin’ a party?
    Goody for you
    All the beautiful people gonna be there?
    Yeah, that’s cool
    You know you’re gonna have a good time cause you got the news
    That the life o’ the party is gonna party with you

    We’re doing our own thing
    Until the sun’ll come up
    Sweet Candy gonna be there
    Yeah, it’s gonna be rough
    She ain’t got no off switch
    And neither do eye
    When you read it in the paper tomorrow
    You gonna hang you’re head and cry


    We gonna have us a party
    All are welcome to
    We ain’t down with nobody
    That don’t party like we do
    Once we get it started
    We got to go all night
    We gonna have us a party
    We gonna do it right!
    So you having a party?
    Goody for you
    All the beautiful people
    Gonna be there, yeah that’s cool

    Why party in your own yard
    When you can party in mine?
    All the beautiful people gonna be there
    Puttin’ the “I” in fine
    Throw the records out my window
    CD’s out the door
    Might as well give it to the milkman
    We don’t want it no more

    Everybody can smell this funk y’all
    Down in Atlanta GA
    Everybody, even Dre and Em, know it’s OK
    Hey, we don’t need any trippin’ y’all on this special day
    We just callin’ to let you know
    You better not come if you can’t stay


    What’s it gonna take to get you’re booty soakin’ wet?
    You and me closer baby, that’s a bet

    Eye’m the life of the party
    As long as eye got your body
    Shaking like a leaf on a tree
    Cutie come dance with me
    You and me, we got mad chemistry
    Don’t it make you want to holler?
    Come with the life of the party, y’all
    We’re still making dollars
    Twenty five years to life
    The judge sentenced me to