Reply To: One Nite Alone 2002


    Album: One Nite Alone

    Title: Here On Earth

    Source: Metro Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    I know you’re out there
    I can feel your eyes on me
    Seen that face a thousand times
    If only in my dreams

    I know you really want me
    I can feel your hands on me
    I really wanna touch you too
    In a way I’m much too shy to speak

    And even though
    I’m all alone
    For what it’s worth
    You’re somewhere here on Earth

    And I like it

    I know you’re out there
    I can feel you getting closer to me
    I’m just wondering what you’re waiting for
    You know I am free

    In this digital age, you could just page me
    I know it’s a rage, but it just don’t engage me
    I like the face to face
    Do you want to do this at yours, or my place?

    It’s been so long
    Since I been with somebody
    Like a million years
    Now you’re here on Earth

    You’re here, you’re here

    Somewhere here on Earth
    And I like it, I like it


    I know you hear me
    Like a whisper in your ear
    You don’t have to fear me
    Your everything I hold so dear

    I know you already love me
    You’re probably just too cool to say
    Somebody somewhere put you down
    But that’s ok, that’s ok

    Cuz whenever you feel
    It’s time to heal
    No, no more
    As long as I’m here on Earth