Reply To: One Nite Alone 2002


    Album: One Nite Alone

    Title: Young And Beautiful

    Source: Metro Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    U’re so young and beautiful
    U’re so full of life- everybody knows
    That’s y they try 2 take advantage of u…
    but u don’t have 2 do what the other ones do
    U’re so cool- the world at ur feet,
    they only want ur virginity
    Keep ur clothes on and ur chastity
    until u find the one that’s worth it baby

    So young and beautiful
    So young and beautiful

    U’re so fine my heart’s just pounding
    If I had the chance 2 lay u down,
    I’d probably take a rain check ’til next summer
    ’cause I don’t wanna b like all ur other lovers
    So young and beautiful
    I’m hippin’ u 2 the game darlin’
    So that u’ll always remain