Reply To: Planet Earth – 2007


    Album: Planet Earth

    Title: Chelsea Rodgers

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    A model……. Used to be a role model

    I dunno
    Come on Chelsea!
    I dunno
    Come on (Uh-huh)

    Ah, go ahead now Chelsea! Go ahead now!
    Uh, this for Jersey right here.
    Go ahead now!
    (Ah, ah, ah, ah)

    Chelsea Rodgers was a model
    Thought she really rocked the road, yes she did
    Kept her tears up in a bottle
    Poured them out to save her soul

    Ask her what she liked the most
    She said, she liked to talk to Jimi’s ghost, Ow!
    Fantasy, her friends boast (This girl is fly)
    Chelsea’s fly, like coast to coast (Mmmm)
    Hollywood or Times Square
    If the party’s fly, my girl is there (yes she is)
    Purple’s on and bounce in her hair
    21st Century hippy, Chelsea don’t care


    Try to catch her if you can (Come on now together)
    You never see her with my man (Uh, a brother got to jump n the water)
    He must be baptized, according to the masterplan,
    ‘Fore she give up the good thang
    Go ahead Chelsea! (Go ahead Chelsea!)

    No cut diamonds, and designer shoes (Uh, no-no!)
    ‘Cause she’s too original from her head down to her feet
    (Rehab) (If you want to) (just don’t mean no me)
    Chelsea don’t eat no meat, still got butt like a leather seat
    Go ahead Chelsea! (Go ahead Chelsea!)


    Go ahead Chelsea!
    (Speak on that horn)

    Come on
    Next to her they just a fool.
    Chelsea read more books than a few
    Moses was a Pharoah in the 18th Dynasty
    And Rome was chillin’ in Carthage in 33 BCE
    And the day that we stop counting, we live as long as a tree
    Go ahead Chelsea, teach me! Go ahead Chelsea.

    Make a promise to your higher self, get you nothing, fame and wealth
    You don’t be chasing nobodies ghost.
    Of everything, make the most (Come on!)

    [Chorus x2]