Reply To: Planet Earth – 2007


    Album: Planet Earth

    Title: Future Baby Mama

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    I’ve heard it said my lovers look alike

    Could it be that I was looking 4 U
    They were cool but something wasn’t right
    They had me fooled 4 a minute and then I saw the truth

    None of them got what it takes
    2 B a future baby mama
    Gotta bend in the wind, but don’t break
    2 keep your man
    Show me 1 of them and I’ll make her mine
    With no more drama
    Future baby mama

    I’ve heard it said that I won’t treat U right
    (U know that ain’t right babe)
    But they ain’t sure ‘cos they don’t know nothing about U
    (U know what U want baby)
    U’re too secure to ever want to fuss and fight
    (That’s right)
    That’s why Ur man never ever got a reason 2 doubt U


    Yeah I know U might be fine but I’ve seen it all before
    Cinderella was a waste of time and oops she’s out the door
    To build a house together the thing that matters more
    Is under the floor
    A strong foundation that last forever more

    I want to make you happy, baby,
    (Oh yes)
    Happier than happy itself
    (Oh yes)
    U know what?
    If you’ll ever need a hand, call me I’ll help
    ‘Cos I got U, anywhere U wanna go, uh
    (Oh yes)
    Paris, London, Africa, San Lucas Mexico, U C,
    I know what U want,
    What every good woman wants
    A man so in love with you
    He can’t help but to flaunt U
    Deep down I know what U want
    You want your girlfriends to hate U
    ‘Cos they can’t get Ur man



    No beginning and no end
    A broken heart will mend
    If U love it like Ur best friend

    Handle Ur heart with care
    It’s as delicate as a wing
    When the storms come again
    Pray for resolution

    Either U will or U won’t (Either U will or U won’t)
    Either U do or U don’t

    Will U want resolution ? (Either U do or U don’t)
    Come On everybody
    All over the world (La,la,la,la,la)
    All over the world (Do, do, do, do, do)
    Tell me
    How many people really want resolution?