Reply To: Rainbow Children – 2001


    Album: The Rainbow Children

    Title: Everywhere

    Source: AZ Lyrics

    Lyrics below

    “There’s a place I want 2 go
    Where the milk and honey flow
    Without God it wasn’t there
    Now I feel it Everywhere”

    When I was lost and couldn’t c my way
    I used 2 follow what everybody say
    Now I know that it’s written in the heart
    Now I’m ready, ready 2 start

    Without God it wasn’t there
    Now I feel it Everywhere

    We were always meant 2 b
    In paradise eternally
    B4 the truth I did not care
    Now I feel it Everywhere

    Feel it, feel it Everywhere
    Feel it, feel it
    Can u feel it?
    This might good feeling Everywhere
    We’ve got so much work 2 do Everywhere


    Making amends (Make amends)
    Is a difficult pill 2 swallow

    What can we lose if we try ?
    With no water, a flower dies
    With no1 2 lead resolution will follow

    (Ohh, Yes it will)


    Love is like a circle
    No beginning and no end
    A broken heart will mend
    If U love it like Ur best friend

    Handle Ur heart with care
    It’s as delicate as a wing
    When the storms come again
    Pray for resolution

    Either U will or U won’t (Either U will or U won’t)
    Either U do or U don’t

    Will U want resolution ? (Either U do or U don’t)
    Come On everybody
    All over the world (La,la,la,la,la)
    All over the world (Do, do, do, do, do)
    Tell me
    How many people really want resolution?