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      Ok, this is an old post I created outside of the forum, but inside this website, that I never published. I haven’t even edited nor checked over anything (hadn’t removed nor added any content since). I thought I’d share what it was that I was going to add to the website, more-so like an article from an author of the website, for viewers to see. It is possible that my mindset could have changed about some things (might touch on that later). As this article was not completed, I might very well come back with updated information, for educational purpose, of course. :)

      Many people know about Denise and the relationship she had with Prince. Many have been misinformed about the significance of the relationship between Prince and Vanity. Some people might not even know that Prince indeed loved Vanity, as he said in 2016, “deeply”. They loved each other to the very end. Why some may not know this is simply because of misinformation in the media. The book Possessed by Alex Hahn comes to mind–one of other books by other authors, and even some articles on the internet. The love story between two people will never be completely accurate if the story wasn’t written by the two people themselves.

      For any reader questioning the significance of their relationship, check out Prince’s voluntary statement to an interviewer of Jet Magazine about Vanity in 1997.  The interviewer was speaking with Prince about his life and marriage to his then wife, Mayte Garcia. Without being asked about Vanity, Prince stated:

      Everyone thought I was going to marry Vanity. She is where I am right now. She’s connected with her spirit.”

      Prince was married to Mayte, whom was sitting next to him at the time he made the statement about “everyone” thinking he was going to marry Vanity. The fact that he did so is much telling–considering he was talking about his ex in front of his new wife.

      His ex-wife, Mayte, stated that she met Vanity before online. His second ex-wife, Manuela, stated that she met Vanity as well but this was in person or over the phone. Apparently, Denise was significant enough that Prince continued to communicate with her while he was married to his wives.

      I am going to give my opinion in regards to this statement to Jet Magazine in 1997. Prince made it a point to use the word “everyone“. Everyone is likely the everyone that knew about Prince and Vanity’s special relationship and how much it meant to Prince that people thought they were going to get married. A few books I’ve come across about Prince had not only misinformation about his relationship with Vanity, there was also what I considered to be bias information, and a plenty of hearsay. I’ve also found that some of the people that gave information was rumored to have been in more favor of the relationship Prince had with Susannah than with his relationship with Vanity. However, according to Prince’s own statement, “everyone” thought he was going to marry Vanity. Not Sheila E. who said he proposed to her on stage, not Susannah Melvoin who was allegedly engaged with Prince when he dated her in the 80s, not Nona Gaye who stated to Essence Magazine  “he told a friend of mine he was going to marry me and take care of me”.

      Let’s step back for a moment. When Prince first met Vanity at the American Music Awards in 1980.

       Cameras were hovering about, honing in, interrogating for impressive subject material. I, somewhat confused – much like the Great Fall of Babylon – from the semi-automatic bombastic explosion of questions on my right, but I recall only one that mattered? Who is the Lovely Lady, Prince? Was he really speaking of me? Grabbing tight my hand and yanking me to his side he replied defiantly, ‘This is my wife.’

      That content is an excerpt from Denise Matthews’ “Blame It On Vanity” book.


      In Jill Jones’ podcast interview Jill talks about Vanity and how there was a lot of jealousy going on back then and Vanity wasn’t treated fairly because of her beauty. She also talks about the relationship of Prince and Vanity.

      New fans might not be aware that Purple Rain was partly about Prince’s relationship with Vanity. Apollonia Kotero was Prince’s love interest in the Purple Rain movie because Vanity left the movie after she broke up with Prince. Denise stated that she had previously written Prince’s script for Purple Rain and he had written her part of the script. Eventually the script was re-written by a professional script writer. Their relationship was intense with both love and madness. Denise said they were both bullheaded–scraping at each other’s brain. Prince stated that Vanity was very headstrong (stubborn) and they argued a lot as much as they loved a lot.

      An example of their strange relationship is what brought about Prince’s song “Strange Relationship“.

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        Wow, this is new to me! The fact that he was always in connection with her meant that he couldn’t have her out of his life…too bad he never married her though…I get the feeling she’d still be here if they had gotten married… I sense that throughout Prince’s songs there’s a little if not a lot of her sprinkled throughout. Maybe Prince was scared of finding true happiness, I honestly can’t think of a more loving, caring, sensitive, bright, beautiful, talented, and giving woman than dear Denise. My favourite of all the women he had met in his life! I liked Susannah and Carmen too. But Prince ended up choosing the worst…

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