Chaos And Disorder – Into The Light

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      Album: Chaos And Disorder

      Title: Into The Light

      Source: Genius

      Lyrics below

      [Verse 1]
      From out of the darkness, before there was time
      There came a sound that enters the mind
      Through a door that’s deep in your soul
      Through every pore of your body it goes
      And in a light too bright to behold
      Is a truth more shiny than gold

      [Chorus 1]
      And as sure as this candle burns
      Every soul must return

      [Chorus 2]
      Into the light, into the light

      [Verse 2]
      From out of the light there comes a story
      Open your mind, and feel the glory
      What’s the hurry to die without trying?
      If you could sell your worries (sell your worries
      Would anyone buy ’em? (oh no
      And for every flower that grows, even a baby knows

      [Chorus 1]

      [Chorus 2]

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