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      Album: Come

      Title: Dark

      Source: Genius

      Note: If the lyrics are misquoted, please feel free to correct me. I am sharing the lyrics but I have not read them all, nor have I heard every song Prince wrote. Thank you in advance!


      I wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet
      Come on

      [Chorus 1]
      So dark, dark, so dark
      So dark, dark, so dark

      [Verse 1]
      Inside looking out my window
      I don’t see nothing but rain
      Sun up in the sky just a shining (just a shining
      Still I’m lost in my shadow of pain

      Like an innocent man that’s on death row
      I don’t understand what made you go
      And wanna leave me baby
      Leave me in the dark

      Can you tell me, tell me?

      You took my sex and my money (money
      Took all my self esteem, yes you did
      You had the nerve to think it was funny (funny
      I never knew a bitch so mean, yes sir

      You absolutely drove a man to tears
      All I really know is that you sincerely
      You wanna hurt me baby, oh yes you do
      You wanna hurt me in the dark

      (Sunshine) Somebody make the sun shine
      (Dark cloud) Somebody take this dark cloud away

      Just as sure as Noah built the ark
      That’s how sure
      That’s how sure I am you broke my heart

      [Chorus 1]

      [Verse 2]
      Sometimes I want to curse the ground you walk on
      Even when I know that everything you feel I feel it too
      I wanna curse you baby
      You left me in the dark
      And now I want too I wanna curse u baby
      For leaving me alone, alone, alone
      You left me in the dark, yes you did

      And now all I wanna say is
      In the dark
      Ow, you left me
      Ow, you left me
      It’s like being on death row (In the dark
      I don’t understand why you had to go
      I don’t understand why you (hurt me in the dark
      Don’t understand why you (hurt me in the dark
      Don’t understand why you hurt me (hurt me, hurt me
      Hurt me (hurt me in, hurt me in
      Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me (hurt me in the dark
      Just leave me
      In the dark

      [Chorus 1]


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