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      Album: Come

      Title: Space

      Source: Genius

      Note: If the lyrics are misquoted, please feel free to correct me. I am sharing the lyrics but I have not read them all, nor have I heard every song Prince wrote. Thank you in advance!


      [Chorus 1]
      Arm light on
      Switching command to internal
      Switching command to internal



      [Verse 1]
      I never been one to hide my feelings
      Baby, you blow my mind
      I painted your face upon my ceiling
      I stare at it all the time

      I imagine myself inside your bedroom
      Oh, I imagine myself in your sky
      (You) you are the reason there’s bass in my bum
      (Oh, you) you are the reason I’m high

      [Chorus 2]
      If you and I were just ten feet closer
      Then I’d make you understand
      That everything I wanna do to your body, baby
      I would do to your head
      Then you’d be hip to the deep rush
      Deeper than the boom of the bass
      With every other flick of the pink plush
      The closer we get to the space (The closer we get to the space

      [Chorus 3]
      (The space
      (The space
      (The space
      Don’t u want to go? (The space
      Where the souls go (The space
      Where the tears flow (The space
      Where the love grows
      Do u want to go?

      [Verse 2]
      I never been 1 for this thing obsession
      But just keep your eye on my hips
      The circles they may be my confession
      Just say the word and I’ll strip

      I’ve had dreams of us cuddling on the planet mars
      Then when i wake up, I’m all covered in sex
      With eyes that fall somewhere between rubies and stars
      Don’t look at me baby or I’ll flex

      [Chorus 2]

      [Chorus 3]

      [Chorus 1]

      The space, the space, the space, the space
      The space, the space, the space, the space
      Closer we get to the space
      The space, the space, the space, the space


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