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      Jet Magazine – July 4, 1988

        Vanity Talks About: Booming Film Career, Life Without A Lover

      Sexy singer-starlet Vanity is happier than ever after inking new deal to star in three upcoming flicks.

      Vanity is not one to be hemmed in by tradition. The lyrics to her songs, her style of dress, and general demeanor exude sexuality. Millions of fans have come to expect the unexpected from the original “nasty” girl. What they might not have expected was for her rapidly to become a mainstream presence in Hollywood just a few years after making her screen debut.

      But she’s on her way. Vanity is set to star in the syndicated series “Deadline,” a show about a newspaper reporter in a major city. She also recently signed a three-picture deal with Atlantic Pictures and is working on a new record deal with Geffen Records.

      She attributes much of her recent good fortune to the positive exposure she received in the hit film Action Jackson. In that fast-paced thriller about a well-educated cop in a big city, she co-starred with Carl Weathers. “I hear I was pretty good in that,” she said, laughing. She is more excited than ever about her near future. “Finally, in my life there are going to be Vanity pictures. I’ve waited all of my life.”

      She has often impressed her legion of fans with blunt honesty and candor. She told Jet that often fans come up to her on the street and ask pointed questions about sex. “They know that I’m going to answer them truthfully. I make good sense,” she said.

      She was candid about what she described as a continuing problem with drugs, particularly cocaine. “I am going to have a life-long drug problem,” she revealed. “You’re forever going to have a drug problem if you do drugs. I have a disease. Just because I have a drug problem doesn’t mean I’ll do drugs the rest of my life. I will be a non-using addict. It’s like alcoholism. It’s a disease you live with. It doesn’t mean you still drink.

      “It’s like the second I touched the drugs, I was hooked. And on top of that, I’m an excessive person. I mean, if I buy a pair of shoes, I want twelve of them.”
      It was strictly peer pressure that got her to try cocaine in the first place when she moved from her native Niagara Falls, Canada, to Minneapolis, Minn., about ten years ago.
      “People in the building kept bugging me and I was bored. At first, I said: ‘No, this stuff is going to kill you.’ I knew about drugs. I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t know about cocaine. Nobody really talked about it. I just knew it was bad for your mind.”

      Her peers bugged her to the point where she tried it just to shut them up. “That was the dumbest thing I ever did,” she admitted. “I was high and I wanted another. It made me relax. You see, I’m naturally a hyper person. I need to relax. I only did a gram a week. My system didn’t take much.”

      Luckily, she has been able to address the problem by checking into a hospital earlier this year and going to meetings dealing with the issue. “This is my major lesson in life,” she said. “I know the things for me to work on in my life are to get rid of drugs. I would tell people who never tried it not to try it. Don’t even be curious.”
      Now, all of her attention is focused squarely on her booming career. Her relationship with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue is over. Because of the AIDS scare, she said she really isn’t in a major hurry for a relationship.
      “I’m by myself and enjoying it. I have no problem being alone because I don’t feel like I am alone. A lot of magical things can happen when I’m alone.” Knowing that God is constantly looking down on her helps her keep everything in perspective, she said.

      Vanity, who believes in reincarnation, said she is somewhat different from many other people because of the past lives she has led. “I know all of my past lives,” she pointed out. A lot of the talent she currently possesses was acquired during past lives, she said. While that may sound slightly off-center, she explained that anyone who has spent time in her presence knows for a fact that magical, inexplicable things happen when they’re around her. “So, they don’t find me crazy or off,” she said.
      More than anything, those past lives keep her busy and happier than she has ever been, she said.

      —Aldore Collier

      I’ve attached scans of the interview!

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        This is wonderful! Thank you sooo much for posting this…I love reading interviews with Denise<3<3

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