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      So, I’m browsing and came across something that gave me pause. Read below.

      DebutanteA young woman making her formal entrance into society.

      Emancipation 1996
      Song: White Mansion

      Some lyrics from White Mansion:

      In verse 2:

      I could use a new guitar
      Sing a tune at Chazz’ bar
      Maybe meet a debutante
      Be a toy, do what she want (Tell me what you wanna do?)

      I’ve never heard this song before. I happen by this and is wondering what is this song about? Whenever I come across anything relating to debutants, it normally involves very young girls like 17, 18, 19…
      I hope this doesn’t mean anything near to what I’m thinking.  emo_headscratch
      If anyone knows, please, educate me.


        I read a lot of historical romance novels and debutante is a word that is avidily used in historical books. Debutante means a young woman around the age of 17-19 that is about to make her debut into adulthood. A debutante is usually a virgin and starts the process of finding a husband at her come out party/debut. In the historical books that I read, this age is acceptable to start the courting process to find a husband but a debutante must remain a virgin until marriage.

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