Graffiti Bridge – New Power Generation (Pt. II) 1990

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      Album: Graffiti Bridge
      Title: New Power Generation (Pt. II)
      Note: If the lyrics are misquoted, please feel free to correct me. I am sharing the lyrics but I have not read them all, nor have I heard every song Prince wrote. Thank you in advance!



      Don’t pick my apples, don’t pick my peaches
      (we r the new power generation)
      Leave my tree alone…leave it alone…leave it alone
      (we r the new power generation)
      Don’t u look at me
      (we r the new power generation)
      If you’re sad and u know it and u think u want to blow it
      Let your feelings out, love is there

      Just go!

      Kid! Yo Kid!
      I got ta do this, I got the noise, I got ta do this
      So pump the big noise, c’mon in the house…

      This here rap’s about the true confession
      If ya listen close u ’bout to learn a lesson
      U must know failure before success
      Now this is the failure I must confess (well…)
      I was hanging onto life trying deal with this
      Playing the games, almost got dismissed
      Cocaine was the thing that I took on
      And nowhere was the place that I was going (preacher, cmon on)
      I must tell the truth, I cannot lie
      I was headed 4 the kill, steal, destroy, and die
      Top 2 the bottom 2 bottom 2 top
      Success is where I’m headed there ain’t no doubt
      Success is something that we all want
      But the truth is what we need to reach our point
      I had to give this message the so-called truth
      I hope it’s somthing in it that’s there 4 u
      {on top of:
      Love to the left of me, love to the right
      Come on make a noise, somebody
      Party tonight! (oh yeah!)}
      Like I told ya before, I’m a tell ya again
      Success is something that’s deep within
      So remember the truth you cant go wrong
      The flesh is weak and the spirit is strong
      I know it to do this rap, and I know its right
      ’cause I did it in the name of Jesus Christ
      (cmon somebody lets party tonite)
      Party tonight! (oh yeah!)

      You want me 2 what?? (shake!)
      What? (shake! shake!)
      Awww, right

      The New Power Generation has just taken control




      Source: AZ Lyrics

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