Lion of Judah – 2007

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      Song: Lion Of Judah

      Lyrics below:

      [Verse 1]
      Sitting on the floor of an all white room
      Feeling like the color blue
      Thinking about the words that I can use
      To get this through to you
      A million mistakes and then some
      I’ve made with the first before
      I probably passed my expiration date
      But still I adore you… Adore you
      Looking for the energy to take you there
      The place’s that you want to go
      Knowing if I do, You are fully aware
      The press will turn it in to a show (A show)
      Everyone expects this outcome
      But still they jump for all the crew
      I Guess should be happy but I’m still not
      Sure that you really love me…
      Love me… Love me… Love me… You love me

      Like the Lion of Judah (Judah)
      I Strike my enemy’s down
      As my God is living
      Surely the trumpet will sound
      There was one who would stand by my side
      Through the good and the bad
      Let that one stand with pride
      The best that I ever had
      Like the lion of Judah

      [Verse 2]
      Driving away with a smile on my face
      Wind blowing through my hair
      Wondering how you’ll feel when U find out
      How much I really care (I care)
      Hoping that the tears roll down you are face (Down your face)
      Your body grasp who we are (Who are we?)
      Two gypsy beggars who only by Vegas
      Came to be a star
      (A super star)
      A star
      That’s what we are


      Like the Lion of Judah (Judah)
      I strike my enemy’s down
      Like the lion of Judah (Judah)
      Surely you….going to hear the trumpet sound
      Hear the trumpet will sound
      Lion… Judah… Judah
      The Lion of Judah


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