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      Aside from Prince’s and Charlie’s basketball story, apparently there’s a Prince and Eddie Murphy story!

      Source: Washington Post


      Prince dissed Eddie Murphy after basketball game of ‘Chappelle’ fame


      GQ magazine published a lengthy remembrance of Prince on Thursday, one based on quotes from those close to the late pop superstar. One tidbit will be of particular interest to those who relished the “Chappelle’s Show” episode in which Charlie Murphy recounted a memorable late-night basketball game in the 1980s.

      In the comedy show’s sketch, the basics of which Prince later confirmed, Murphy was with his much more famous brother Eddie at a Los Angeles nightclub when Prince walked in with his entourage. He invited the Murphys and their crew back to his pad, where eventually the two sides played a game of hoops, one in which Prince proved to be surprisingly good, despite still being clad in his going-out ensemble.


      In the GQ story, Gilbert Davison, a longtime associate of Prince’s, said, “The funniest thing about it was how much Charlie Murphy got right.” However, he added a previously unknown coda to the basketball game, one that involved the “Purple Rain” singer dissing Eddie Murphy’s own foray into music. Here is what Davison had to say:

      “The backstory to that was — and this is the part Charlie doesn’t tell — Eddie had wanted to play Prince his new album. So during that basketball game, Eddie’s music was playing, via boom box, on a cassette. After that game, Prince goes over and he tosses the cassette out of the boom box and he says, ‘Let me ask you a question: Do you see me stop my show to do comedy?’”


      Well, at least Prince fed Murphy some pancakes afterward. But the man described in the article as “fierce competitor” (in an anecdote about Michael Jackson) clearly had enough fire to make sure the comedy star knew he’d been owned in both the basketball and musical realms.

      According to Micki Free, who participated in that game and also spoke with GQ, Prince “started playing basketball like he was Michael Jordan or someone.” He added, “First shot of the game was nothing but net. He was just so bad. And everybody looked at each other like, ‘What the hell?’ He was just so, so good — really controlled, sidestepping, just style. He could play basketball. That’s how the night went, and we won.”

      Davison, who also played in the game, said, “Prince didn’t change, and neither did I. Prince was wearing exactly what he had on from the club, and trust me, if we came from the club, he was looking like new money. He always did. Perfection: matching boots, matching outfit, matching handkerchief, hat, cane, whatever — it was always on point. And as far as I can remember, he was wearing his heels.”

      Elsewhere in the GQ article, Prince is extolled as a someone you didn’t want to play in table tennis and as a BMX and mountain bike enthusiast. The whole thing is very much worth a read by anyone interested in the artist, and for anyone who actually has not seen the “Chappelle’s Show” sketch, here it is (warning: profanity):


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