Graffiti Bridge – The Question of U 1990

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      Album: Graffiti Bridge
      Title: The Question of U
      Note: If the lyrics are misquoted, please feel free to correct me. I am sharing the lyrics but I have not read them all, nor have I heard every song Prince wrote. Thank you in advance!



      So what is the answer 2 the question of u
      What do I look 4, what shall I do?
      Which way do I turn when I’m feeling lost?
      If I sell my soul, now what will it cost?
      Must I become naked? No image at all?
      Shall I remain upright? Or get down and crawl?

      All of the questions in my life will be answered
      When I decide which road 2 choose
      What is the answer 2 the question of u?




      Source: AZ Lyrics

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