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      ‘Course it’s mine. Who else’s
      is it goin’ to be? Got all
      kinds of them. They’re
      different too.

      I’d like to see them. You got
      them written down somewhere?

      No, man — I don’t write them
      down — don’t need to. That’s
      the big difference between you
      and me.

      Thought you weren’t going to
      play no more.

      His Father looks at him sullenly, then
      looks down, stares at the keys.
      Prince’s eyes well with tears–

      I saw Mom up the street. She
      looked pretty bad. Any idea
      how she got that way?

      His Father bites his lip, rubs a
      hand over his face, stares at the keys.
      His voice comes with difficulty–

      (a beat)
      I got a girlfriend.

      You gonna get married?

      (long pause)
      I don’t know.

      His Father shares a hurtful look with
      him, then stares darkly at the floor


        Never get married.

        (82) INT. CLUB — NIGHT

        The CLUB is THROBBING. Prince is
        onstage, stripped to the waist, SWEAT
        seeping from his pores in torrents.
        He’s deep into the pit of “Computer
        Blue, ” locked into a provocative,
        obscene graphic with Wendy. She’s on her
        knees in front of him, his crotch moving
        directly in front of her lips. She’s
        made up fiercely, looks like Prince
        himself. The total effect is unnerving
        — Prince is going down on himself.

        Billy Sparks stands by the bar pretty
        upset. Jill stands slack-jawed. The
        KIDS have stopped dancing, drinking —
        They’re staring at the display…shaking
        their heads confused…

        The BEAT is SAVAGE. Prince is in his
        own world, living his own private hell.
        Suddenly the MUSIC crescendos, then
        winds down like a roller coaster
        sweeping everyone along. The BEAT
        changes radically. He turns his back to
        the audience and plays …

        …and we suddenly recognize the MUSIC
        as his Father’s — the song he played on
        the piano the night before. But it’s
        Prince’s now, stamped with his own
        signature. He’s bent at the waist, his
        back to the audience, alone with his
        father’s, and his, pain.

        The CROWD fidgets…Billy Sparks fastens
        his eyes on Prince angrily.


        KIDS are hanging out in front of the
        club. The usual queue, however, is
        noticeably absent.


          The yellow Caddy sweeps up. Jerome is
          at the wheel, Morris and Vanity sit in
          the back. Morris is dressed elegantly,
          resplendent in a 5O’s-style suit. She’s
          beautiful in a sleek black dress, with
          long black gloves, and heels–

          What are we doing here,

          What do you mean?

          I don’t want to be here. I
          don’t want to hurt anybody.

          It’s not about hurting
          anybody. This is business.
          We can use the exposure.

          Just then Brenda and Susan come up to
          the car excitedly. Brenda is dressed in
          a 40’s-style dress, Susan wears a form-
          fitting leopard one. They both look

          Hi — you coming in?

          Their excitement and nervousness is
          endearing. Vanity’s heart goes out to
          them. She forces a smile, climbs out

          Your horns are showing,

          Yeah…but they’re holding up
          my halo.

          (84) INT. CLUB — NIGHT


            Prince is on-stage, deep into the
            closing moments of “Computer Blue.” He
            paces back and forth frantically, still
            locked in his own private hell. The
            Crowd’s attention has wandered, however,
            and very few remain on the dance floor,
            finding it too much trouble to keep up
            with the changing shifts in the music.
            Even his band members are edgy, casting
            quick looks to each other, wishing to
            get on with more compelling audience-
            pleasing sounds.

            BAR AREA
            as Billy Sparks shakes hands with Morris
            and Jerome and is introduced to Vanity
            Six for the first time. We can tell by
            his reaction that he likes what he sees.
            He kisses Brenda and Susan, saves a
            special squeeze for Vanity herself. He
            escorts the whole group to a table
            across the floor. Vanity brings up the
            rear, casts a quick look to Prince

            fastens on her and brings “Computer
            Blue” to a rousing end. The Crowd
            applauds, but it’s more out of respect
            than eagerness. He doesn’t seem to
            notice though, or care. He confers
            quickly with his group., then moves
            center-stage. The Band Members trade
            frustrated looks with each other — it’s
            obvious that they have some trouble with
            the next song…

            Prince presses his lips to the mike, and
            the MUSIC starts. He begins SINGING
            “Darling Nicky”–

            I knew a girl named Nicky,
            I guess you can say she was a
            sex fiend.
            I met her in a hotel lobby
            masturbating in magazines.
            She said, How’d you like to


              waste some time,
              And I could not resist
              When I saw little Nicky grind.

              BILLY SPARKS
              shoots a fierce look to Prince, helps
              Morris, Jerome and the Girls to their
              table. Vanity is watching Prince, a
              puzzled look on her face–

              Hee, hee…little empty
              tonight, huh, Billy. But I
              guess money isn’t everything.

              Jerome busts up–

              Oh no… that’s cold…

              But Billy agrees–

              The Duke of Dick is in rare
              form tonight.

              They all look toward the stage–

              is fastened on Vanity and it’s apparent
              to all. He launches into the next verse-

              She took me to her castle
              And I could not believe my
              She had so many devices
              Everything that money could
              She said,
              Sign your name on the dotted
              The lights went out,
              And Nicky started to grind.

              flushes with embarrassment. Billy and


                Morris notice this and glare at Prince.

                looks dead-center at them, and then to

                I woke up the next morning.
                Nicky wasn’t there.
                I looked all ov’r all I found
                Was a phone number on the
                It said thank you for a funky
                Call me up when ev’r you want
                to grind.

                stands suddenly, fighting back tears.
                She backs from the table quickly, knocks
                the chair over. Morris tries to help
                her, but she sweeps past him, hurrying
                for the exit.

                (85) INT. STAIRWAY/EXT. STREET — NIGHT

                as she comes down the stairs stumbling
                slightly, tears streaming down her face.
                Chick sees her, reached out to help–

                Hey …

                But she pulls away, runs out the door,
                cuts across the street.

                (86) INT. CLUB — NIGHT

                brings the SONG to a blistering end.
                The stage is plunged into darkness. He
                strips off his guitar, cuts from the
                stage, ignoring the grave looks from his
                Band Members.

                (87) INT. HALLWAY — NIGHT

                as Prince twists aggressively past a


                  handful of FANS, rudely disregarding
                  their attention. He Cuts into the
                  dressing room.

                  (88) INT. DRESSING ROON — NIGHT

                  He’s agitated, paces back and forth in a
                  frenzy. Suddenly the DOOR flies open.
                  Billy Sparks enters angrily–

                  What the fuck’s wrong with
                  you, Prince?!

                  I don’t have time for your
                  bullshit, Billy. What do you

                  My stage is no place for your
                  personal shit!

                  That’s life, man.

                  Life my ass, motherfucker!
                  This is a business, and you’re
                  not too far gone to see that.
                  (a beat)
                  I’ve told you this before.
                  You’re not pulling them in
                  like you used to. The only
                  person who gives a fuck about
                  your music is yourself.

                  Fuck off!

                  But Billy can’t help laughing–

                  Just like your old man…

                  Prince shoots him a threatening look–



                    Yeah — you got it. Tell me
                    I’m wrong.
                    (a beat)
                    You’re not blind. Look around
                    you. No one’s digging you.

                    Prince turns away–

                    Look at your band. Are they
                    in here right now? They’re
                    out there ’cause they can’t
                    stand being in the same room
                    with you.
                    (a beat)
                    What a fucking waste…like
                    father, like son–

                    Lay off that!

                    Billy turns to go–

                    Take your head out of your
                    ass, Prince, check it out —
                    unless you like the view up
                    there. Your music doesn’t
                    make sense to anyone but

                    He closes the door behind him. Prince
                    stands dully a moment, then sits heavily
                    in a chair. Exhaustion suddenly
                    overwhelms him. He rests his head in
                    his hands, moments tick by…

                    He shakes himself awake — Morris and
                    Jerome stand by the door–

                    That was fucked up what you
                    did man. Morris doesn’t like
                    it. And being a part of this –
                    – I don’t like it either.

                    I don’t care.


                      Hee, hee…huh, it’s obvious
                      you don’t have what it takes
                      to be on top.

                      He pulls an envelope from his pocket–

                      But to show you that I’m
                      sympathetic to your problems –
                      – here’s a pass to our show
                      tomorrow night. Enjoy it.

                      They leave. Then Morris sticks his head
                      into the doorway–

                      Don’t forget to bring a
                      girlfriend. Whawhak!

                      (89) EXT. THE TASTE — NIGHT

                      COMMOTION. CARS are THICK in front of
                      THE TASTE, a small NIGHTCLUB located in
                      the poorer part of the city. Because of
                      its location, The Taste books different
                      dance bands four nights a week and then
                      hosts a Variety Night the remaining two.
                      Aspiring comedians, dancers and jugglers
                      flock to Variety Night, desirous of
                      trying their material in front of a live
                      audience — and hoping to catch the
                      discerning eye of a talent scout on the

                      Billy Sparks pulls up to the curb, gets
                      out with a beautiful WOMAN and cuts

                      (90) INT. BACKSTAGE, THE TASTE — NIGHT
                      Jerome stands BACKSTAGE fidgeting
                      nervously, staring appreciatively at the
                      closed dressing room door. Various
                      PEOPLE in COSTUMES pass by sporadically.
                      Suddenly a burst of APPLAUSE and
                      LAUGHTER wafts into the hallway. Jerome
                      walks to the curtain and peers out–


                        (91) INT. THE TASTE — NIGHT

                        JEROME’S POV–
                        Billy Sparks and his Girlfriend being
                        seated at a front table. A COMEDIAN is
                        on stage juggling KNIVES and HATCHETS.
                        The CROWD is ROARING their approval.

                        (92) INT. BACKSTAGE — THE TASTE — NIGHT

                        Just then a CLOWN passes Jerome, stops,
                        and hands him a flower. Jerome tries to
                        smile, but his nervousness is simply too
                        strong. The Clown hands him another
                        flower, trying to elicit a favorable
                        response. Jerome is patient, but
                        attempts to ignore the Clown in a polite
                        way, indicating he’d rather be alone.
                        The Clown persists, however, going
                        through a little routine, handing him
                        flower after flower…

                        Suddenly Jerome throws them into the
                        air, grabs the Clown by the throat and
                        flings him headlong down the hallway.
                        The Clown gives Jerome the finger and
                        walks off in a huff.

                        cuts from the dressing room, closes the
                        door behind him. He joins Jerome at the
                        curtain, and they move down the back
                        stairway to the CLUB–

                        I guess this is it.

                        I guess so, M.D.

                        I think I’m going to be sick.
                        Why does this have to be
                        happening to me? Has it
                        crossed your mind that we’re
                        about to make the biggest


                          mistake we’ve ever made?

                          I don’t think it’s all that

                          That’s why I do all the

                          (93) INT. THE TASTE — NIGHT

                          as Billy Sparks spots Morris, waves. Morris manages a weak
                          smile, offers a half-hearted wave back. Just then we HEAR a
                          fierce DRUM BEAT, and–

                          TASTE M.C.
                          Ladies and Gentlemen, please
                          welcome Vanity Six.

                          Respectful APPLAUSE–

                          Oh, God–

                          He sits quickly, followed by Jerome —
                          they both put on sunglasses.

                          A HUSH descends over the CROWD. The
                          CURTAIN rises slowly…and Brenda, Susan
                          and Vanity are frozen in a provocative,
                          vampy stance. Their effect on the
                          audience is galvanizing — the Crowd
                          bursts into APPLAUSE and WHISTLES–


                          Wearing sexy lingerie and moving
                          seductively to the beat, the Girls
                          launch into “Sex Shooter” with complete
                          abandon. The MUSIC is slick and fierce,
                          the Girls sexy and sure. Wearing black
                          bikini panties, black tails and boots,
                          Vanity dances center-stage and begins
                          SINGING. She’s mesmerizing, her look so
                          alluring, so profound that the audience


                            sits slack-jawed in amazement. The
                            SPOTLIGHT is hers and she soaks it in,
                            radiating a sexiness that has the
                            audience at her feet. The entire
                            concept — dress, dance, music and
                            staging — is overwhelming, with just
                            the right degree of playfulness to allow
                            the Crowd easy passage into the fantasy
                            world the Girls create. Brenda and
                            Susan play off her wonderfully, sharing
                            secret looks with the Crowd, balancing
                            the wickedness of the act with an
                            innocence that is enticing. They’re
                            working strongly as a unit now, the
                            AUDIENCE roaring their approval…

                            and Jerome are beside themselves with
                            happiness. The pull off their shades
                            immediately, sit back and glow in the
                            audience’s response.

                            stands in the back, his eyes glued to
                            Vanity. Her strength and sureness in
                            front of the Crowd is breathtaking. The
                            audience loves her and he suddenly feels
                            very alone — as if another wall has
                            gone up between them. He looks away a
                            moment and spots…

                            …Morris looking at him with a self-
                            satisfied, triumphant grin on his face.
                            Prince looks away, moves out of his

                            “Sex Shooter” comes to an end. The
                            stage is plunged into darkness. The
                            CROWD goes WILD, leaps to their feet,
                            begging for more. The Girls, slightly
                            over-whelmed by the response and
                            flushing deep red, hold one another
                            tightly and take repeated bows.

                            watches the Girls bowing to thunderous
                            APPLAUSE. Suddenly Vanity looks at him
                            and touches the earring she’s wearing —


                              it’s his Mother’s. His knees weaken
                              instantly, and he locks eyes with her.
                              The heat between them is unmistakable.
                              She smiles vividly, gives him an
                              endearing wave and steps back as the
                              curtain closes.

                              He’s MOVING through the Crowd before he
                              knows it, trying to get to the backstage
                              door. The Crowd is thick, his path
                              momentarily blocked. He spots Billy
                              Sparks cutting across the floor and
                              congratulating Morris and Jerome.
                              Prince turns from them, tries once again
                              to make his way through the Crowd.

                              (94) INT. DRESSING ROOM, AND HALLWAY — THE TASTE — NIGHT

                              and the Girls rush into the dressing
                              room and jump up and down with
                              excitement. They are beside themselves
                              with happiness, kissing and hugging one
                              another avidly. Suddenly Vanity pulls
                              away, indicates she will be back and
                              cuts out the room.

                              as she runs down the hallway to the
                              backstage area, peers from behind the
                              curtain, scanning the club earnestly.

                              (95) IN’T. — THE TASTE — NEAR CURTAIN — NIGHT

                              as Prince waits impatiently in the long
                              line. Billy Sparks comes by, spots him
                              and stops–

                              Morris is squeezing you,
                              kiddo. You better kick ass
                              tomorrow night or else.

                              He cuts outside, disappears into the
                              Crowd. Prince stands there steaming,
                              the wind knocked out of him, his joy a
                              memory. He turns back to the line, but
                              it has grown, the Crowd now jammed up


                                against the door. Frustrated, he cuts

                                as Vanity watches Prince leave. A
                                profound sadness sweeps her face.
                                Suddenly Susan is by her Side, hugging
                                and kissing her happily. Brenda runs
                                up, pouring champagne. Morris, Jerome
                                and The Time are at the end of the
                                hallway and beckon her excitedly into
                                the room. Vanity forces a smile, goes
                                down the hallway, casting another look
                                at the exit door.

                                (96) EXT. BACK ALLEY, THE TASTE — NIGHT

                                Morris and Vanity stagger down the ALLEY
                                obviously very drunk. Morris pulls from
                                a FLASK. Vanity is still in her
                                lingerie, wears an open coat over it.
                                Her speech is slurred–

                                Did you hear these people
                                applauding? They loved us —
                                they wanted to rip us apart,
                                and this is just our first
                                night. I can see it now,
                                we’re all going to be big
                                stars. I can feel it.

                                Ain’t nobody bad like me.

                                She kisses him spontaneously on the

                                Morris, you’re a genius.


                                He fixes her with a sexy look, takes a
                                healthy look from his flask, then gives
                                it too her. Vanity throws her head


                                  back, drinks fully, the liquor coursing
                                  over her cheeks. He devours her with
                                  his eyes, opens the door to the Caddy–

                                  Let’s go, Babe.

                                  She stops as if remembering something–

                                  Huh, where’s Jerome?

                                  In his skin…hee, hee…

                                  He’s trying to nudge her into the Caddy-

                                  Is he coming?

                                  I gave him the night off.


                                  He staggers back from the car, undulates
                                  his hips wantonly–


                                  She busts up. Just then a MOTORCYCLE
                                  can be heard off screen. They look
                                  around drunkenly, trying to discern its
                                  direction. Suddenly Prince BLASTS
                                  around the corner FULL OUT! He streaks
                                  by Morris and KICKS him flat on his ass
                                  into the garbage–

                                  Oh, no — Oh, God…No!

                                  Prince skids to a slick stop. Vanity is
                                  transfixed. The entire episode took
                                  less than five seconds. He twists the


                                    throttle, BLASTS down upon her…

                                    She breaks in a panic! She runs
                                    clumsily down another alley, her coat
                                    flying. He WHIPS after her like a
                                    madman. She flies around the corner —
                                    a dead end! He fishtails to a slick

                                    Get on!

                                    There’s no way out! Suddenly she lets
                                    out an excited YELP, jumps on. He guns
                                    the bike, BURSTS up the alley. Morris
                                    jumps into his path drunkenly, his arms

                                    Stop! Stop!

                                    But Prince BLAZES down upon him, sending
                                    him slipping and sliding to safety. He
                                    BLASTS around the bend–

                                    Motherfucker! You long-haired

                                    (97) EXT. HIGHWAY TO EMBANKMENT — NIGHT

                                    Prince and Vanity WHIPPING down the

                                    (98) EXT. EMBANKMENT — NIGHT

                                    They streak down the road, slow, then
                                    move down a small embankment. He stops
                                    the bike and gets off. She’s in a foul
                                    mood, staggers around dully, her head
                                    pounding, her speech slurred–

                                    So here we are again. So this
                                    is it, huh? What do you want
                                    this time?

                                    He looks at her painfully, upset about


                                      her drunken state–

                                      What’s your problem now?
                                      What’s your main problem?

                                      No problem. I just wanted to
                                      talk, alright? I just want us
                                      to be okay, to really get
                                      along. No big deal.

                                      She cackles, falls flat on her ass,
                                      hoists herself up–

                                      No big deal, huh…

                                      She pulls Morris’ FLASK from her jacket
                                      — his eyes blacken–

                                      Give me that.

                                      No, definitely not. Who are
                                      you? You can’t tell me what
                                      to do.

                                      She puts it to her lips–

                                      Please don’t drink that. Give
                                      it to me.

                                      She holds the flask to her lips
                                      defiantly, then goes to drink.

                                      He lashes out suddenly, SMASHES it from
                                      her grip. She SCREAMS wildly, SLAPS him
                                      hard across the face. He stands shocked
                                      a moment, his rage surging within him,
                                      smashing through every safety valve he’s
                                      acquired in his life. He BACKHANDS her
                                      savagely across the jaw.

                                      She hits the ground like a rag doll. He
                                      looks at her curiously, bends over her –


                                        – she sucker-punches him with everything
                                        she’s got! He SCREAMS in rage and grabs
                                        her hands as they flail about his face.
                                        He squeezes her fingers back while the
                                        tears stream down her cheeks and her
                                        mouth forms a silent “ow”! She bares
                                        her teeth angrily and he sucks at her
                                        mouth, biting and kissing her in a fever

                                        She kicks at him violently, hot tears
                                        streaming down her cheeks. He jams his
                                        leg between hers, rubs it firmly against
                                        her bottom. She struggles helplessly
                                        against him as he covers her breasts,
                                        her stomach, her thighs with his lips.
                                        Quick breaths escape from her — her
                                        breathing begins to race…

                                        He snaps her panties in two, pulls them
                                        from between her legs. She spreads
                                        herself as he releases his pants. She
                                        squeezes his buttocks, pulls him toward
                                        her — but Prince resists her coldly,
                                        regards her with contempt. Suddenly he
                                        flips her onto her stomach, forces her
                                        to stand painfully on her knees. He
                                        rubs his hand between her buttocks, then
                                        thrusts into her painfully, driving
                                        himself to the very depths of her…

                                        …but she stifles a cry, arches her
                                        back, and meets his thrusts fiercely,
                                        moving quicker and quicker, banging her
                                        buttocks against his thighs again and
                                        again. She’s drawing from him now,
                                        turning the humiliation around,
                                        obtaining all that she needs and
                                        desires. He’s powerless — her thrusts
                                        set the pace. She rises, Prince still
                                        inside her and tugs on him rapidly,
                                        causing him to ejaculate suddenly,
                                        drawing from him a sharp and sudden

                                        She moves away, draws her coat tightly
                                        about her, fixes him with a contemptuous



                                          You’re nothing, Prince,
                                          absolutely nothing. You think
                                          you’re so special — but deep
                                          down you’re just like all the
                                          (a beat)
                                          Your whole life you’ve been
                                          hiding, hiding behind your
                                          music. But now you don’t even
                                          have that, because last
                                          night…last night you used it
                                          to hurt someone, someone who
                                          really cares.

                                          She runs up the embankment, wipes away
                                          her tears, faces him–

                                          If you put your hands on me
                                          like that ever again, I’ll be
                                          the last person you touch.

                                          She pulls off his Mother’s earring,
                                          throws it at him. Tears flowing, she
                                          streaks into the HIGHWAY blindly,
                                          directly into the path of a SPEEDING CAR-

                                          THE DRIVER
                                          spots her in his HEADLIGHTS, SLAMS on
                                          his brakes! He SKIDS wildly across the
                                          road, comes to a SCREECHING, BURNING
                                          stop inches from her thigh!

                                          shoots a look at Prince, her lips
                                          trembling, her love for him, written
                                          plainly on her face. But his eyes flash
                                          defiantly. She bites her lip sadly,
                                          then snaps a hot look at the Driver–

                                          I need a ride.

                                          She cuts around the car, hops in. The


                                            Driver skids off into the night. Prince
                                            stands there trembling, watches as it
                                            disappears into the distance.

                                            DISSOLVE TO:

                                            (99) EXT. PRINCE’S HOUSE — NIGHT

                                            Prince pulls up to the wooden gate, cuts
                                            the motor, gets off. He walks wearily
                                            across the porch, moves to the front
                                            door — it’s wide open. He thinks
                                            nothing of it, cuts into the house,
                                            closes it behind him.

                                            (100) INT. PRINCE’S HOUSE — GROUND FLOOR — NIGHT

                                            He stands by the door motionless, a
                                            curious look on his face. The STEREO is
                                            on, the NEEDLE skipping monotonously
                                            along the record. His mouth opens into
                                            a spasm–


                                            Silence. A sudden dread courses through
                                            him, leaving a hollow in his stomach.
                                            His feet are like lead. He moves
                                            heavily into the room–


                                            Nothing. Panic sets in. He STREAKS
                                            down the hallway, twists open the
                                            bedroom door — it’s empty. Blue NIGHT
                                            LIGHT glows through the windows.
                                            CURTAINS play delicately in the breeze.
                                            He’s thoughtful, walks back into the
                                            living room…

                                            …the COFFEE TABLE is SMASHED. He
                                            looks at it curiously, wondering
                                            stupidly if it had always been like
                                            that. Then sudden bolt of fear makes
                                            his head swim. A lamp, a porcelain
                                            dish, some knickknacks on the mantle —


                                              all smashed. He rushes into the
                                              kitchen, looks around crazily–


                                              Nothing but the decay of his scream.
                                              The BASEMENT door is ajar. He cuts to
                                              it quickly, pulls it open, peers
                                              frantically into the darkness below. He
                                              snaps ON the light…

                                              (101) OMIT

                                              (102) EXT. PRINCE’S HOUSE — NIGHT

                                              SIRENS! The SCENE is a riot of COLOR
                                              and FRENZY. A POLICE CAR, LIGHTS
                                              FLASHING, skids into the drive.
                                              NEIGHBORS jam the STREETS. POLICE CARS
                                              are parked all around.

                                              (103) INT. BASEMENT, PRINCE’S HOUSE — NIGHT

                                              CHAOS! The BASEMENT is PACKED with
                                              COPS. Prince’s father is strapped into
                                              a gurney, staring dully at the ceiling.
                                              PHOTOGRAPHERS snap pictures as
                                              PARAMEDICS work feverishly over him.
                                              I.V. UNITS are pushed into his veins.
                                              An OXYGEN MASK is placed over his nose
                                              and mouth. Huge white bandages are
                                              bunched up along the back of his head.
                                              His Mother is kneeling by the gurney,
                                              crying hysterically, grasping his hands
                                              in a white panic. TWO COPS support her.
                                              Someone is SHOUTING instructions.
                                              RADIOS crackle incessantly. A MEDIC


                                              And the gurney is hoisted up the stairs
                                              quickly, the bulk of the crowd
                                              following, his Mother supported as she
                                              ascends the stairs.


                                                Prince sits on a tattered sofa in the
                                                corner, his head bowed. Cops standing
                                                and kneeling beside him. Somebody
                                                finished taking notes, closes his pad.
                                                One Cop rests a hand on his shoulder,
                                                talks to him in soft tones. Prince
                                                shakes his head slightly. The Cop gives
                                                the group a signal and everyone
                                                disperses, moves up the stairs. The Cop
                                                looks at him sympathetically, then
                                                closes the door behind him.

                                                (104) INT. BASEMENT — NIGHT

                                                sits motionless a long time. Moonlight
                                                floods the basement with a foreboding
                                                light. A dog BARKS somewhere in the
                                                distance. He looks up suddenly, his
                                                face agitated, his eyes red from tears.

                                                PRINCE’S POV–
                                                CHALK MARKS on the floor outlining the
                                                body of his Father. There’s a GUN in
                                                his Father’s hand clearly marked.

                                                A train WHISTLE in the distance. He’s
                                                staring at the gun. He shakes his head,
                                                rubs a hand over his face vigorously and
                                                looks up again…

                                                …the GUN in his Father’s hand. He
                                                can’t get it out of his mind! The
                                                WHISTLE is CLOSER.

                                                He lurches to his feet, paces back and
                                                forth crazily. His Father’s head, the
                                                gun…the gun…the…

                                                The WHISTLE is LOUDER.

                                                He throws himself into the chair, buries
                                                his face deeply into his hands and
                                                cries. Huge racking sobs spasm through
                                                his body. His Father, his Mother, his
                                                entire life, his music, his guitar…

                                                He looks up suddenly — the gun in his


                                                  Father’s hand.

                                                  ..and he stares at it.

                                                  The WHISTLE is LOUDER!

                                                  His heart is pounding in his ears. He
                                                  squeezes them shut, looks up…

                                                  The gun.

                                                  He bolts to his feet, paces back and
                                                  forth in a panic! The train is HOWLING!
                                                  A rope in the corner of the room, his
                                                  face, the gun…

                                                  He sits dully, gazes at the rope as if
                                                  in a trance. The TRAIN is ROARING past
                                                  the house, it’s HORN BLASTING. The
                                                  rope, the gun, and his body dangling
                                                  from the rafters in the night breeze–


                                                  He lurches to his feet, cuts through the
                                                  basement like a madman. He grabs a
                                                  stick and starts SLASHING things
                                                  crazily, moving through the room
                                                  swinging his stick wildly again and

                                                  He’s lost to himself now, deep in the
                                                  pit of an unknown terror, expurgating a
                                                  horror that has been festering in him
                                                  for years. He flings his stick at the
                                                  wall, upends shelves and bureaus,
                                                  trampling old memories that have lain
                                                  dormant for years.

                                                  Drawer after drawer is flung against the
                                                  wall, their contents smashing and
                                                  scattering about. He opens a large,
                                                  oaken chest and flips over. Thick three
                                                  inch piles of yellowed paper fall out.
                                                  He snaps through the rubber bands
                                                  holding them together and flings the


                                                    paper at the wall again and again…

                                                    …he stops suddenly, shocked. He SEES
                                                    musical notes written down on the paper.
                                                    his heart pounding in his chest, he
                                                    searches frantically through the rubble
                                                    scattered about him. More and more
                                                    musical notes, sketched ideas, simple
                                                    melodies, entire songs and scores — all
                                                    meticulously recorded on lined yellowed
                                                    paper, dated for the last 20 years, and
                                                    signed…by his Father. He’s shocked to
                                                    a standstill. Then the full
                                                    significance of what’s before him hits
                                                    him like a sledgehammer. He collapses
                                                    in agony against the chest, tears
                                                    flowing down his cheeks.

                                                    (105) INT. BASEMENT — A SERIES OF SHOTS (NIGHT INTO DAY)

                                                    Prince lying outstretched on the
                                                    basement floor, sleeping fitfully,
                                                    feverishly. His body is lathered in
                                                    sweat, the droplets glisten in the pale

                                                    ANOTHER ANGLE
                                                    Cool, gray dawn. He’s in a dead sleep
                                                    on the floor, his arms outstretched, his
                                                    legs twisted beneath him. His Father’s
                                                    outline seemingly rests by his side…

                                                    Just then the basement window begins to
                                                    glow with SUNLIGHT. It inches slowly
                                                    across the floor, then sweeps him
                                                    majestically, bathing him in its warmth.
                                                    He wakes slowly, stretches his limbs
                                                    like an opening flower. After a moment
                                                    he sits up, shades his eyes…

                                                    The basement is littered with debris.
                                                    The destruction is complete, but in the
                                                    midst of it lies his Father’s music.
                                                    The yellow parchment is scattered about
                                                    glowing in the sunlight…

                                                    Something seems to flash across his
                                                    mind. he stands, moves quickly down the


                                                      hallway to the antechamber…

                                                      Suddenly we HEAR a TAPE REWINDING.
                                                      After a moment…MUSIC and we
                                                      immediately recognize it as Lisa’s and
                                                      Wendy’s SONG. It plays a moment, then
                                                      snaps off abruptly. He stands locked in
                                                      thought, then sits behind the piano,
                                                      hunts for the first few notes of Lisa’s
                                                      and Wendy’s song…

                                                      DISSOLVE TO:

                                                      (105A) INT. HOSPITAL ROOM — NIGHT

                                                      Prince’s Father is lying on the bed,
                                                      sleeping peacefully. A large bandage is
                                                      wrapped along the back of his head. His
                                                      Mother sits by his side, her forehead
                                                      resting on the covers, her hands holding
                                                      his. She’s in deep sleep, and it’s
                                                      obvious at once that she’s been by his
                                                      side the entire time…

                                                      Prince steps from the shadows of the
                                                      room and gazes at them fighting back the
                                                      emotion that wells within him. He leans
                                                      close and kisses them both gently then–

                                                      Let’s bring them back! Ladies
                                                      and gentlemen, The Time!

                                                      (106) INT. CLUB (1ST AVE. ST. BAR) — NIGHT

                                                      The CROWD goes WILD! Morris, Jerome and
                                                      the Time return to the stage to a
                                                      frenzied throng. The PLACE is PACKED,
                                                      the CROWD applauding like MAD! LASER
                                                      LIGHTS strobe the house in a frenzy.
                                                      It’s a glorious night, and Morris struts
                                                      back and forth imperialistically criss-
                                                      crossing the stage like a lion, urging
                                                      the audience on. He grabs a mike–


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