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      Interview – Susan Rogers

      Ben Beaumont-Thomas – The Guardian
      Thursday 9 November 2017

      Prince’s sound engineer, Susan Rogers: ‘He needed to be the alpha male to get things done’


      One of a tiny number of female recording engineers, Rogers was there at birth of some of pop’s classics, including When Doves Cry. She recalls the man she knew – and shares her theory about why he loved working with women


      Rogers recalls an artist who was enormously professional and respectful, quite unlike the sex fiend that was portrayed in the media. “He understood that an artist is a canvas for us to project our own desires and motives on to,” she says. “He was being the bold male that a lot of men wish they could be but society wouldn’t allow them to; he was being the hyper-confident male that a lot of women wish would find them attractive. He was letting us see this almost comic-book hero version of himself, so the real man could hide: a quiet, respectful, polite working man. I never heard him use profanity; he was not lecherous. He was personally conservative, I never even saw a Playboy magazine around the house…. read more

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        So glad she’s sharing this with the Purple Fam!


          I wonder if she’ll ever write a book of her own??

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