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      Ebony published date: December 22nd, 2015
      Source: Housequake Facebook
      Ebony interviewer: Miles Marshall Lewis
      Note: We do not take credit for any article content shared here nor are we associates or officials from which the article originated

      Below is some content obtained. For the entire content, visit Housequake Facebook


      Ebony interviewer: Prince asked me to keep some secrets. I may still have a few, truth be told. This past summer, a call went out to a few music journalists to visit the purple rock, Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis. Joshua Welton, 25, had a few words to share about producing his first Prince project, Hit N Run. The operative word being “few.” After 10 minutes of talk, Prince himself entered Studio A and took over the conversation for two enlightening hours, discussing everything from Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service to the origins behind “Purple Rain” and “The Beautiful Ones,” and the reformation of The Time. Bob Seger, Esperanza Spalding, Kendrick Lamar and beyond.

      Our couple of hours raced by faster than the accelerated voice of Camille. Then Prince disappeared, pulling up later in front of Paisley Park in a Cadillac sports car to play his already finished, secret follow-up to Hit N Run. On December 12, Hit N Run: Phase Two arrived on Tidal for streaming and digital download. So now you know. The following is a feverish transcription of more of our August convo from the summertime, previously unpublished. There may be more; Prince is full of secrets.

      EBONY: Do you ever see yourself writing a memoir?

      Prince: You ever heard of checking your list to see who’s naughty and who’s nice? I just let people talk. I was talking to somebody about “The Beautiful Ones.” They were speculating as to who I was singing about. But they were completely wrong.

      If they look at it, it’s very obvious. “Do you want him or do you want me,” that was written for that scene in Purple Rain specifically. Where Morris [Day] would be sitting with [Apollonia], and there’d be this back and forth. And also, “The beautiful ones you always seem to lose,” Vanity had just quit the movie. To then speculate, “Well, he wrote that song about me”? Afterwards you go, “Who are you? Why do you think that you’re part of the script that way? And why would you go around saying stuff like that?”

      So we just let people talk and say whatever they want to say. Nine times out of 10, trust me, what’s out there now, I wouldn’t give nary one of these folks the time of day. That’s why I don’t say anything back, because there’s so much that’s wrong.

      EBONY: But you could set the record straight.
      I hadn’t heard “The Walk” in ages. That can never be duplicated again. It was a time period.

      Prince: There’s too much! They get down to, “See, what he was thinking at that specific time was… His mindset at the time…” They psychoanalyze you.
      There was one engineer who said that their sole purpose in life was to get the stuff out of the vault, and get it copied so it wasn’t lost to the world. I’m trying to figure out if that’s illegal. Should I fear for my safety that you might need some medical attention? You want to come up in my vault and you feel like that belongs to you and that’s your purpose? You better find something to do. That’s scary.

      EBONY: Will you be remastering the catalog?

      Prince: Hopefully, yeah. A new Greatest Hits. Because I never had anything to do with [The Hits/The B-Sides]. But put great liner notes in it to explain what record came from what and why. Explain the backstory of it. Somebody said “Purple Rain” was inspired by Bob Seger! I said, call him in. “Sit down, man. Y’all got to have everything, huh? Bob Seger?! You gon’ put that in the ether? OK.” [laughter]

      EBONY: I’ve read “The Beautiful Ones” was based on Susannah Melvoin.

      Prince: Any ballad like that, you know it’s not going to be about anything, uh, what’s the word? Carnal. It’s not gonna even be based in flesh. Regardless of what I’m singing about, it’s all spiritual. This is a channel. I’m trying to do “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” It’s not about somebody human that I’m looking at right now. It wouldn’t have worked if it was. This was literally for that character. And that’s why it worked. Everybody thinks the song is about them. “This song’s about me and the other one’s about Bob Seger.” [laughter]


        Prince is so good at being obtuse and avoiding answering the question…with his rapier wit and humour as tools:)

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