The Gold Experience – P. Control

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      Album: The Gold Experience

      Title: P. Control

      Source: Genius

      Lyrics below

      [Spoken Intro – Mayte]
      Nuestra presentacion especial comenzara en breve
      Pero antes un mensaje de nuestros auspiciadores

      [Intro – Prince]
      Uh, yeah
      Good morning ladies and gentlemen (“What hotel number is she in?”)
      Boys and motherfucking girls (“319, 319” “Cool”)
      This is your captain with no name speaking
      And I’m here to rock your world
      With a tale that will soon be classic
      About a woman you already know
      No prostitute she, but the mayor of your brain
      Pussy Control (Are you ready?)

      [Chorus – Prince]
      Aaah, Pussy Control, oh
      Aaah, Pussy Control, oh

      [Verse 1 – Prince]
      Our story begins in a schoolyard
      A little girl skipping rope with her friends
      A tisket, a tasket, no lunch in her basket
      Just school books for the fight she would be in
      One day over this hoodie
      She got beat for some clothes and her rep
      With her chin up, she scolded “All y’all’s molded
      When I’m rich, on your neck I will step”
      And step she did to the straight A’s
      Then college, the master degree
      She hired the heifers that jumped her
      And made everyone of them work for free?
      No! Why?
      So what if my sisters are trifling?
      They just don’t know
      She said “Mama didn’t tell’em what she told me
      ‘Girl, yuo need Pussy Control'” (Are you ready?)


      [Verse 2 – Prince]
      Pussy got bank in her pockets
      Before she got dick in her drawers
      If brother didn’t have good and plenty of his own
      In love Pussy never did fall
      And this fool named Trick want to stick her
      Uh, talking more Schick than a Bic
      ‘Bout how he going to make Pussy a star
      If she come and sing a lick on his hit
      Pussy said “Nigga, you crazy if you don’t know
      Every woman in the world ain’t a freak
      You can go platinum four times
      Still couldn’t make what I make in a week
      So push up on somebody want to hear that
      Cuz this somebody here don’t want to know
      Boy, you better act like you understand
      When you roll with Pussy Control” (Are you ready?)


      [Verse 3 – Prince]
      With one more verse to the story
      I need another piece of your ear
      I want to hip you all to the reason
      I’m known as the player of the year
      Cuz I met this girl named Pussy
      At the Club International Balls
      She was rolling 4-deep
      3 sisters and a weepy-eyed white girl driving her haul
      I pulled up right beside her
      And my electric top went down
      I said Motherfucker, I know your reputation
      And I’m astounded that you’re here
      I fear you’re lonely and you want to know
      A 12 o’clock straight up nigga
      That don’t give a shit that you’re Pussy Control
      Well I’m that nigga, at least I want to be
      But it’s going to be hard as hell
      To keep my mind off a body
      That would make every rich man
      Want to sell, sell, sell (75, we need another.. 85, 85 here, sold!)
      Can I tell you what I’m thinking that you already know?
      You need a motherfucker that respects your name”
      Now say it, Pussy Control (Are you ready?)


      [Bridge – Prince]
      And the moral of this motherfucker is
      Ladies, make’em act like they know
      You are, was, and always will be Pussy Control (Are you ready?)
      Peace and be wild (Aaah, Pussy Control)
      Say what, huh? (Oh)
      Oh no, don’t you think about calling her a ho (Are you ready?)
      You juvenile delinquent
      Best sit your ass down
      Talking about Pussy Control
      Huh, can you dig it?

      [Outro – Prince]
      Aaah, Pussy Control (Are you ready?)
      Oh (Are you ready?)
      Aaah, Pussy Control (Are you ready?)
      Oh (Are you ready?)

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