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      It’s easy for one to think that Prince dated this young woman that was years younger than him. But that thought would have seemed natural only when Prince was younger (before he became deeply devoted into the Jehovah’s Witness religion in 2001 (source: –during his marriage to Manuela), but Prince was not only deep into JW religion by 2011–he was, at least, quite devoted in 2009.. click for more, he was older than this young woman by 30 years, I don’t think Andy was a JW, either–which would be against Prince’s religion to marry a woman that’s not in that same religion as him. As much as he mentioned God and witnessed to people to convert them to JW, I doubt he was defying his own beliefs by dating a woman he shouldn’t be dating (being he was obviously so devoted to living the life of a JW). Manuela converted to JW. I would certainly like to think that Prince had matured quite a bit after his conversion to JW.


      The following content below was obtained from SacTown Magazine.

      But the trajectory of her music career shifted dramatically in April 2011 while attending a Prince concert in L.A. when a friend from The Africa Channel (who had first aired an in-studio performance by Allo the year before) introduced her to the iconic musician. “Oddly, it was very calm. He’s like a superhero, but doesn’t put on any airs, and is just a really smart, down-to-earth person,” she recalls of the meeting, during which Prince invited her to hang out and play with his band after the show that night.

      The two clicked instantly, she says, and Prince invited Allo to join him on his upcoming summer tour, sometimes opening for him but mostly playing guitar and singing alongside him and his band NPG (New Power Generation). “I was thrilled to get that opportunity,” she says. But first, he put her through “music boot camp,” educating her on artists like Joni Mitchell, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and James Taylor. He also brought her up to speed on his own storied musical history (Purple Rain came out five years before Allo was born). “He said I had to learn decades of songs—and he has tons and tons of music,” she says.


      …Only a few months later, in June 2011, Allo joined Prince on stage for the first time at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Just days after that, they were playing to over 50,000 fans at Paris’ Stade de France to open Prince’s “Welcome 2 Europe” tour. “I just jumped in head first,” she says.

      Between the tour, paparazzi shots of them sitting front row at a Versace fashion show, and now the recent sightings in Sacramento, rumors have swirled for months that Allo and Prince are romantically involved, though Allo insists that the two are just close friends. “He’s a mentor, with a lifetime of wisdom, and someone that I can ask anything,” she says.

      Prince and Andy in 2011

      If anyone knows or have a legitimate source to share that confirms he and Andy were indeed a couple–or that he was even dating anyone at all, please share that information. I do remember the article where Cat Glover said a lot of those women “thought” they were his girlfriend because of the way he was treating them … click for more. Considering Prince JW status, I’d think he would have married Andy if he was actually in a relationship with her and loved her enough to marry. I just don’t see any reason to delay marrying the woman. I read on that he was confirmed to be dating Bria V. at some point, but this would conflict with him dating Andy, it seems. Bria did convert to for more, but she married someone else in 2013 …click for more. I’ve always and still do believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Prince’s “one” was God, in my opinion. Just like God was Denise’s focus the last years of her life. So many like to think that so-and-so was “the one” or “the one that got away”.  If any woman was “the one”, he would have remained with that woman, I think, until the end. Was Andy even in the picture past 2013?

      Prince stated in 2014 that he was celibate …click for more. His mind was not on marriage but he was for whatever God wanted. Who knows… if he was actually “active” or even dating during 2011-2013 (during Andy time period), it would be safe to say he was most definitely sinning against God (if the woman was not a JW and not practicing JW beliefs …click for more. What about the others that some people are thinking Prince was romantically involved with such as: Tamar, Tamron, Damaris, Misty, Judith, and any other woman he collaborated with after his JW conversion? I honestly don’t think Prince was dating anyone at all after his divorce in 2007–at least not dating anyone outside of JW.


        I think you’re right….he liked surrounding himself with women and working with them…he even said he was “celibate” and enjoyed being so. Perhaps he finally got tired of sleeping around and looked for a more fulfilling relationship with God.

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