Truly Sad – Mayte and Prince

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      From this video clip has brief information from Mayte about her and Prince’s son Ahmir. It’s not surprising to hear that she said Prince never got over the death of their son. I assume he couldn’t handle the baby’s ashes in the home in that urn. It had to have been too much stress or maybe even depression to have your son in your home with you but you will never be able to touch him, hold him, talk to him, play with him, etc… To hear that he prayed a lot about the baby, and asked God not to let harm come to his child, and chose not to seek further medical attention as the doctors suggested, I wonder what were his thoughts after he saw that the prayer he prayed for was not what God intended for them. We all know God can make anything go away but I’ve always felt that everything has a purpose. God allowed Ahmir to be born that way for a reason, but I don’t understand why a baby would go through the entire 9 months and then just die (as in God allowed the baby to be conceived).


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