Tyka on Prince's Death

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      Tyka claims she knew that Prince was going to die because he phoned her and gave her a message and also told her to give a song and photo to Andre. She said she thought the photo was beautiful so she added it on her screensaver. Then two weeks later, she put two and two together and said “oh snap, he’s dying!”. Smh

      I don’t know what he told her, but I doubt she knew that he was going to overdose on pills–unless she already knew he had a serious addiction. That’s the only way I see that she was expecting this. If it was for anything else, she couldn’t use that same excuse on how she knew because he died (according to M.E.) over accidental overdose. This makes me believe he must’ve told her he had an addiction and felt that it was so bad he might end up dying over it, or he must’ve told her (considering he said he think he did all he came to do) that he had decided that he was going to leave this earth soon and on his terms (suicide). Whichever the case, I don’t see why she didn’t try to help the man re-think whatever was going on with him. She’s going to write a book to explain all of it. Hopefully she be direct about it and stop with this half-told crap, or don’t write it at all. And how is it that the other family members didn’t know? I’m just going to sit back and wait to see how this unfolds.

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        Yes I agree! That’s crazy because he overdosed, he didn’t die from natrual causes… SMH as well…


          I hope she does publish her book. It be nice to read a book from someone who new him before he was rich and famous and even grew up with him. Maybe it’ll share insights into the man he was…his core self. I doubt we’ll understand anything about his last days…it’s too painful to talk about and even more enraging to think about.

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