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      I drew this a while back…I was so saddened when I heard she was gone…she had such a wonderful spirit full of love and joy…very apparent when you see interviews with her and her films…

      To me I like the name Vanity because it was Prince’s name for her for he saw a lot of himself when he saw her…so she was his Vanity…

      This was done in ink on paper with a combination of pointillism and cross hatching…

      originally posted here…

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        That drawing is beautiful. I had to edit the post because I think I had done something that removed it. Smh. Thank you for posting it! I can’t wait to see some more Vanity. Btw, I like the name and thought it was a beautiful name. Sometimes I think about how she didn’t like it and ponder if I should have used a different url name instead of I see how some people try to be smart and talk against people that still call her by the name. I’m thinking about changing the url. :( I don’t want people to think I don’t respect Denise because I do. If you are unaware, I own and I don’t have provocative stuff on that site out of respect. It’s why I have the princeandvanity site separate. I think it was cute that they thought they were each other in another life! My daughter said they look alike in that Rolling Stone cover.



          I think you should keep “Vanity” since that was her stage name…that way people can still find this site…and you have one with her full name anyway.

          Of course you respect her…it is very apparent when one visits this site…anyone can see that. Hmmm I don’t think that people who speak against her fully understand her…she was a beautiful soul…she made mistakes, almost lost her life and spent the rest of her life trying to help others from committing the same mistakes she made. She was beautiful inside and out…that is something that I see on this website over and over again…love your site! Will check out your Denise site as well…<3

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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