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For All Viewers And Posters of

First I would like to inform every visitor here.

  • This website/site is not extremely strict.

  • Unless you’re violating our TOU/TOS, there’s no reason to close any of your topics or ban you. We have no favorites here and we take no sides.

  • You will not be banned for posting here, for speaking your opinion, for critiquing content such as statements officially made by the media, regarding interviews, books, articles, etc, relating to Prince and/or Denise/V/Vanity.

  • There is no such thing as posting too much here.

  • We will never get tired of reading any content posted here about Prince and/or Denise/V/Vanity.

  • We are not against the sharing of links to legal, public video hosting websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. In our eyes, if the video is public on a legal website, and the source, in whom shared the content, does not have any copyright information intact, or is not in copyright infringement, the video is available for us (the public) to share that video without being held liable for the content contained). Be aware, however, that the person sharing the content here is responsible for including the source from where the content was obtained. A credit to the source is highly encouraged.

  • We are aware and respect that not everyone will agree on every single topic discussed. Therefore, do not feel that you cannot express why you disagree on a particular subject.

  • Please remember that regardless of the topic being discussed, not everything shared here is to be considered as 100% accurate (if there is no proof shared to validate its accuracy) and some content may possibly be the opinion of the individual posting the content.

  • There is no need to attack anyone for stating their opinion. There is no reason to be negative to someone if you are not in agreement with the content the individual posted. There are no officials here, there is no one here with legal authority to dispute what’s being shared here.

  • If an individual post here claiming to be an official or claiming to have some close connection to Prince or Vanity/V/Denise but that individual did not inform us (the management team of, we will assume this claim to be invalid. This also includes anyone claiming to have been sexually or romantically involved with Prince or Denise/V/Vanity. You will be asked in (pm) to prove your claim. If there is no claim, you will be warned for posting such claim. If you continue to make these claims–ignoring the simple, yet respectful act of contacting us to validate your claim, you will be removed from the community. This website does not exist to cause confusion.

  • There is no “I’m a better fan”, “I’m more of a fan since I’ve known him/her for years”, or “I was there for the first concert so I’m the real fan”, etc… We are all fans here and no fan is better than another (in our eyes we are all the same–one love). Attacking new fans is not allowed here.

  • If you are a member here, then we are assuming you are truly a fan of Prince and Vanity/V/Denise. The staff here are friendly people. Do not feel like you are not important here and that your post doesn’t matter. Everyone matters here. Feel free to post as much as you wish. Don’t worry, we’re happy.

  • Most important is to be aware that violation of our Terms Of Use will indeed cost you your membership here.


Do not expect that all information/content posted on this site will be 100% accurate. Some information/content posted by members are the opinion(s) of the individual posting the information/content and does not necessarily reflect the opinion(s) or support of the staff here or others.

Disclaimer: It is possible that some content shared on this site may not be suitable for minors (under the age of 18) or may not be suitable/safe for work. Thehrefore, viewer discretion is advised. If you share content that’s not suitable for minors or not safe to view in a business/public setting, please be respectful to add a “18±” or a “NSFW” to your post title. Use your best judgement. Thank you in advance.

Disclaimer: There are a few songs written by Prince that contain profanity and some adult content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Do not purposely post incorrect or deceitful content/links here.

Do not claim your content as fact if you have no resource link to back your claim. This behavior is highly discouraged.

Notice: If you share information here without an appropriate resource it is possible that you will receive replies questioning the content in which you’ve shared. Therefore, we advise you to provide an appropriate resource link, if possible, with the content you share regarding Prince or Denise (V/Vanity). If you do not have a resource to provide, be kind to add a notice in your post.

There are no Prince nor Denise/V/Vanity Officials/Affiliates here. Remember that this website is not an official website. This website is owned and managed by Prince and Denise/V/Vanity fan(s).

You will not find intentional links/promotions to purchase or pirate/download bootleg content posted on the site. Anyone that promotes such links/content on this site will be banned from here. We,, are not responsible for your content. You alone are responsible for everything you share/post on this site.

Editing Posts – WARNING: please be aware that once you’ve created a post you can no longer edit that post after the 60-minute (1 hour) threshold has passed.

Crediting Sources:

posting a credit source or credit name How-To:

You can simply add at the end of your post “credit/source: url-to-source”. Use the link icon to add the link to the source.

Sharing Videos Directly (embedding): You can simply post the link to the video from a public, legal video sharing website (not a page where the video can be seen, but the actual video link–because posting the incorrect video link will not display the video). Do not post a link on this site to download videos without the consent from the administrator.

Sharing video links:

If you post the video link, without the use of the bbcode tags, the video should still automatically display upon posting your content. If a video is not accessible with a video link you can simply post the website where the video is located. Of course, it would be kind to post what it is you’re trying to share such as: “A Prince interview” or “Denise tribute”, etc. Please do not post links to illegal websites. Below are a list of helpful bbcodes to post. Remember to remove the asterisk sign and to replace the “curly brackets” and the text in between with the proper url information.

  • Quote a user: [*quote]{content}[*/quote] or [*quote quote={username}]{content}[*/quote] (There is also a reply-with-quote link on the right of the post content.)

  • Video URL: [*url]{link}[*/url] or [*url url=”link”]{text}[*/url]

  • Image: [*img]{image_url}[/img] or [*img img=”{width}x{height}”]{image_url}[*/img]

  • YouTube Video: [*youtube]{id}[/youtube] or [youtube]{url}[/youtube]

  • Vimeo Video: [*vimeo]{id}[*/vimeo] or [*vimeo]{url}[*/vimeo]

  • Google Search URL: [*google]{search}[*/google]

  • Note: [*note]{content}[*/note]

Sharing your personal video:

[*url]{link}[*/url] or [*url url=”link”]{text}[*/url] This is how I currently embed videos hosted on my own personal website:

Note: Using the bbcodes to post videos are only advised if your video is not showing up by posting just the url to the video without using any coding.

Note: Embedding videos here also means that it is possible that at any given time the video could be removed from where it is being hosted. A removed video will result in the same video being non-existent here. In the event that should occur, please feel free to notify us of the video’s removal. We do periodically check for broken links.

GIF/Animated Images:

Do not post a bulk of gif/animated images here. Please take into consideration that displaying animated gif images requires more memory/data to display from your pc/device and can slow down our server (if there are too many animated images posted). If you are unsure about how to handle gif images, please message the administrator using our contact form.

Audio/MP3 Files:

Unfortunately, we do not allow embedding audio files on this site (such as files ending with mp3, ogg, wav, and/but not limited to wma). No audio file type is allowed, nor do we allow sharing links on this site to unauthorized audio files. Please respect that. You are allowed, however, to post a link to a legitimate website that has an audio file of an interview with Prince or Vanity/Denise such as a radio blog or something of the likes. To ensure you are not posting a violation, it is much safer to post only links to official websites. An example to avoid would be posting an audio link that’s located on a fan-made community hosting the audio file, someone’s personal website, a non-official Facebook/Google community, music streaming sites that require purchase of the music or membership to hear the music, file sharing/hosting websites, etc.

Note: Prince and Denise are the main focus here. However, this site is not exclusive to discussion(s) of only Prince and Denise. We have a “Miscellaneous” section for topics such as artists who have collaborated with Prince/Denise (V/Vanity) e.g. (band members, proteges…) and/or various relationships such as family, friends, and/or individuals that were romantically linked with Prince or Denise.


Do not expect that this website will be monitored 24 hours a day. Therefore, we may not respond right away.

Note: If you notice any vulgar content, slander, racist content, spam, unauthorized hot-linking (click here for hot-linking information), or any information/content posted here that needs our immediate attention it will be addressed as soon as possible upon receiving your message to a member of the staff team.

There are free websites around to host your media content such as Photobucket or ImageShack. You should also be able to upload images here directly from your computer or device. Uploading harmful content will get you banned from this website.

Contacting us:

You do not have to be a member to send a message to us. You do not have to be a member here to send a message to us. Please use our Contact link to inform us about content/information posted here that requires our immediate attention. If we deem the information/content worthy of moderation, it will be moderated/deleted.

If you have community moderation experience and would like to be considered in regards to being a moderator, feel free to send us a message and we will respond accordingly.

The information contained on this site is intended for educational/informational purposes only. We do not service commercial content.

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