Photographers Crediting


Below are a list of photographers associated with some of the photography photos collected. Please be aware that this list can grow over time and the current list is not exclusive. We take no ownership, credit, nor claim whatsoever on any of the photos shared here. Respectfully, we will list the source (website or individual–if possible) in which we gathered the content and would like to thank every photographer for sharing all these beautiful Prince and Denise photos shared to the public. Any professional photography/photo-shoot session photos we share, regardless of where we obtained the photos, are always credited to the photographer of the photos. If we do not list the photographer, we are unaware of who the photographer is. However, we will always appreciate any helpful information from you to help us properly credit the correct source of the photos we share. Thank you in advance.

Photographer – Steve Parke

Photographer – Terry Gydesen

Photographer – Jeff Katz

Photographer – Allen Beaulieu (Dirty Mind, Controversy 1999, and Vanity 6)

Photographer – Herb Ritts

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