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This was originally posted here by Toban (Denise’s ex-brother-n-law). I thought I’d re-post it in the correct location.

This is what I believe the first poem reads. If anyone can re-check, please feel free to post a reply with the words. Where you see the 3 dots is where I was unable to clarify what I was reading. Someone care to add what it reads?

First poem (first image) below:

Men believe they never have to bleed for stealing blood
Never have to pay for sin of unforgotten Love
Children cry because they … the Momma Cry a song!
Even those we love to call our own we still go wrong
Scream until you holler go ahead and scream insane
Whom that you have killed my friend
Is why you lie in vain
Call yourselves a s… and while you have a leg to stand
Go ahead and wear the cross that’s burning in your …
Attend your parties play the folly
Lift your banners tall
Always when you’re feeling large
You ready for the fall?
Wipe the blood up drain the lake…?
Hide it best you can
God can always see us
… thought darkness was a friend
All that I can tell you is
The time is very near
As … as you can to see it
So … … say a prayer

Copyright 2002 Blame it on Vanity

Second poem (first image) below. This poem must be in her book.

A New Name
He’s made a new name for your life.
Remembering still the old crime?
Linger on for the length of a Page.
No resin (correct?), there’s a Reason and Rhyme
You’ll never forget where you came from. They don’t call you Her anymore
I flew the moon when He blessed me
And that’s why I’ve chosen the door!

Blame it on Vanity copyright 2000

Artist Prince

I’m thinking the second image might have been written on two different occassions, because on one part she says tell her what he think about the book. I could be wrong, though.. Here’s what it reads. Btw, I’m not entirely sure on the title of the first part on the second image.

Prain the …
May God richly
Bless you with
spiritual fruitful
Blessings and
Bountiful momentary

I called you, I hope
you got my message.
Call me back when
you have time. I
don’t really work
till Sept. So thank you.
I am working on my
Book Blame it on

Evangelist Denise
Matthews and
Jesus will be with
you and loves you.
your friend
Tell me what u think
about the book
P.S. my poems and paintings.

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