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Monday March 26th, 2018

I have been debating on whether or not to disable membership–being there is pretty much 0-1% logins and posts being made. I currently do not want to remove any content contributed by any previously registered members that are not a part of the staff team. With that being said, I’ve removed some features on this site that I feel are not necessary anymore. Sending private messages and user profile “control panel” editing is no longer an active feature. Registrations to this website is currently disabled. However, you can login and post replies with your Facebook account. Any new registrations are automatically limited on forum roles and capabilities. Previously registered members should still contain the previous forum roles and capabilities. Again, this is due to lack of active members. In the near future, the forum will be removed and all content contributed will be archived into posts here on the website. You will still be able to respond to posts made by team members here, but you will not be able to create posts, once the forum is removed, unless you are an author on the website. Please use the contact form if you would like to be considered as an author here, and you are already a registered, active member. Please, no request from anyone that is not deeply committed towards the subject at hand: Prince and V. (Denise Matthews). Also, you must have a decent amount of knowledge about the past lives of Prince and Denise–as individuals, their love life, and friendship. Thank you to everyone who committed content here. Your time is well appreciated and is always thankful, with the most sincere of heart, for your membership, your time, and your contributions here.

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Monday October 24th, 2017
PrinceAndVanity.Net was recently in maintenance the past two days due to site changes and is now currently up and running.




Monday June 19th, 2017
PrinceAndVanity.Net was recently in maintenance over the weekend and is now currently up and running.




Monday Feb 28th, 2017
Registration access is currently open.


Monday Feb 20th, 2017
This website is not currently available to new registrations until further notice. Please check back for further updates. You are welcome to register to our website. Thank you for your visit here.