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What you should know about me


First, I am not a “stan” of any celebrity or celebrity couples, nor do I encourage it. I do not label myself a “fan” because I am not a fanatic over anyone. I am not obsessed with any celebrity or anyone else, for that matter. I have no hatred towards any woman or man who knew Denise or Prince in some form or fashion. I do not run this site to bash anyone. I did not create this website to fantasize over Prince and/or Denise. I created this website for informational purposes and, for others who have supported the lives of both Prince and Denise, to come together and share or discuss our knowledge of Prince and Denise. It is not my intent nor do I intend in the future to promote anything against anyone that may or may not have been involved with Prince or Denise. There is no anti-so-and-so promotion. This website’s url has the name “Vanity” in it simply for easier finding of our website, in the search engines, under keywords involving “Prince and Vanity”. You can’t miss us under those keywords together. You will most likely see me address Denise as either her given name at birth (Denise), or V. I most sincerely respect that Denise denounced the name Vanity after she became a devout christian. Therefore, I urge any other participant of this site to do the same. Website articles from external links, book authors, quoted content from other websites, or from any other social media available on the web, that we share, who mentions Denise as “Vanity” will be found on this website. However, do not expect that the staff team of this website (outside of the domain/url name itself) will intentionally address Denise as “Vanity”. I’ve had no personal relationship nor official connections with anyone that new Prince or Denise. I do not know everything there is to know about Prince and Denise. I am here to share as well to learn. I do not promote Prince’s bootleg music. If you have any questions in which you’d like me to answer, please feel free to send a message to me using the website’s contact form.

One Love to All