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Vanity 6 If a Girl Answers

Single – If a Girl Answers (Don’t Hang Up)

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Brenda, how are we gonna get 2 the party?
Call up Jimmy, he’s got a car
And what if a girl answers?
Hang up
Hang up nothin’, Jimmy says I was his girl
Honey, don’t you know everyone’s Jimmy’s girl?
Brenda, I know better than anybody
Well, if a girl answers, don’t hang up, just talk about her
Hello, this is Vanity
Is Jimmy home?

Yes, but he’s taking a shower

Oh, I see
Did he just take out the trash?

No, that’s somethin’ he use 2 do
Now he’s taking out me

Oh, I see
Well, tell ’em he left his pants over here last night

That’s OK, you keep ’em
He won’t be needin’ ’em 2 night

Oh, what’s the matter
Is he going swimming?

Why no, we was gonna go
But he said he did that last night

Well sugar, I know about a great party
Why don’t you bring us your car?

So sorry baby, but I never go 2 singles’ bars

Singles? Is that what you think?
Tramp, I’m datin’ your dad

Oh, he died about 7 years back
Now ain’t that just 2 bad?

Well, that’s how we like ’em – tall, stiff and ready
That’s positively more than I can say 4 dead Jimmy

That’s because he was swallowin’ vitamin E
Now he’s swallowin’ me

Oh, you mean you were swallowin’ him
Why don’t you just tie a mattress 2 your back?

I’m gonna need it ’cause if I ever see your face
I’m gonna fall and have a heart attack

All that’s gonna fall is the wig off your head
Now what you think about that?

I think I’d rather wear a wig
Than run a motel 4 roaches, ants and lice
Dogs and cats in my hat

Hey, that’s goin’ 2 far
Here, give me the phone
Hey tramp, take a bath in puke
What’s more, you can kiss where the sun don’t shine
If that don’t work, we can duke
You see, the only kinda man that would play with you
Is one that plays with himself
None of my friends could stand the sight of you
Much less the smell
And if I weren’t a lady, I’d take my money
And buy you a brand new face
Then I’d take my underwear and stick it in your mouth
And you’d love it ’cause you got no taste
And if that don’t work, call back your dead daddy
And show him what you look like now
Honey, I’d bet he never come back
’cause you one ugly cow (Ooh-wee)
Girl, you tell your boyfriend Jimmy he can go and get hit by a car
’cause as far as I see it, he can’t afford 2 bite the beat of this star
There’s 2 things we can’t stand
One’s a jive talk man
The other’s a jive talk man with no money
Can you dig it?


If a girl answers, don’t hang up {x4}

Don’t hang up [x8] If a girl answers, don’t hang up, don’t hang up [x2] Don’t hang up [repeat 2 fade]


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